Case Studies

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  • Zai Lab is a high-tech bio-pharmaceutical company headquartered in Shanghai, with a background of innovative medical R&D.
  • Through cooperation with the world’s top multinational companies and R&D institutions, Zai Lab s relatively established preclinical medicine for joint research, and builds product series through concurrent internal R&D and licensing. For Zai, global data transmission is vital to its daily business. The company is highly demanding of its network environment and Internet accessibility.

  • HKT provides ICT solutions to a number of the world’s top 500 companies and serves many famous pharamaceutical enteprises. The project team gained extensive experience of MPLS VPN solutions tailored to the needs of Zai Lab.
  • HKT’s experienced consultant team was able to take overall control of the project and solve problems arising during the implemenation. For example, by coordinating departments including the Resources Department and the Engineering Department, the team was able to complete the project ahead of schedule.

  • The MPLS VPN solution which HKT provided to Zai Lab has improved their Internet accessibility significantly. The experience of the staff in accessing other regions’ websites has also been enhanced, while data transmission has become faster, more stable and more secure.
  • In response to the “Belt and Road” policy, Zai Lab plans to expand its business worldwide.
  • Techpool Bio-pharma Co., Ltd (“Techpool”) is based in Guangzhou, with offices in other Tier-1 cities including Beijing and Shanghai. It focuses on the development, production and sale of drugs for critical diseases, the company is also a global leader in urinary protein bio-pharmaceuticals.
  • As the scale of its production kept growing, Techpool was experiencing increasing demand for electricity, which indirectly affected the stability of their power supply and the transmission of critical data to their servers.
  • To address this, Techpool wanted a server room hosted by a third-party data center, so they could enjoy more efficient and appropriate management.
  • Techpool also wanted to address their inefficient connections to different offices.

  • Based on our standard IDC service, we included our superior network management solution, together with operation and maintenance services, that enabled the hosted server room of Techpool to be connected to the backbone of HKT’s IP VPN, thereby accelerating the transmission of critical data.
  • In the meantime, we redesigned the network structure for Techpool to facilitate the connection between its offices. Our round-the-clock professional maintenance, management and hotline support service increased the network availability for Techpool, reducing the resources it needed to assign to maintenance.

  • Thanks to our clear understanding of Techpool’s needs and our extensive experience of operations and maintenance, Techpool was able to implement flexible and high-quality network management, thereby optimizing their utilization of resources and allowing them to focus on their business development.
  • Based on Techpool’s needs, the HKT solutions advisor redesigned a star-shaped network structure, which integrated the network and the server room in an organic manner, to optimize Techpool’s network structure in relation to pharmaceutics. We also supported the design of a number of networks, so that Techpool is now able to control the MPLS VPN connection independently and to its fullest extent.
  • BeiGene Shenzhou (Beijing) Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (BeiGene), is a global leader in biopharmaceuticals, and a pioneer in developing innovative molecular targeted tumor immunopharmaceuticals for cancer treatment.
  • They recently set up new offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Suzhou and needed first class conference facilities to communicate between them.
  • They also needed to their Video Conference systems and re-assess the entire network environment to ensure it could meet the ever-increasing demands of the rapidly growing company.

  • HKT provided a comprehensive one-stop suite of ICT solutions, including Premium Internet, IP VPN, SkyExchange Multi Cloud FAST Connect, and VC system equipment, so BeiGene did not need to seek out and deal with multiple vendors.
  • HKT’s integrated after sales service allows BeiGene to manage their hardware and software centrally. While ateam of experts from HKT also provides technical support 24X7. To date, BeiGene has been extremely satisfied with the results.

  • After adopting HKT’s ICT solutions, BeiGene’s overall network architecture has greatly improved and they are now able to support multi-dimensional video conferences as part of their daily routine.
  • BeiGene can now utilize multiple online communication tools including Skype, Zoom and Team with close to flawless quality, and their overall experience of using video conferencing has been greatly improved in terms of picture transmission and audio quality.
  • Internet access based on BeiGene’s new IP VPN network ensures greatly enhanced transmission speeds, while also improving the overall browsing experience on Office 365 and other websites. These improvements have improved productivity significantly and aided more rapid development of other BeiGene business units.