Case Studies

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  • Overseas market development required an energy products trading platform to be connected and overseas data nodes establishment.
  • Private lines are required between Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore to carry services including high-frequency trading.

  • Tight schedule demanding that the office and data center in Hon Kong went live simultaneously.
  • Data center systems integration involved import/export equipment, installation and commission of system within a short timeframe.

  • A low-latency private line between Hong Kong and mainland China to connect the customer’s data centers in Shanghai and Hong Kong, plus another low-latency private line between Hong Kong and Singapore.
  • Data center co-location, metro Ethernet connection and managed services provided in Hong Kong.
  • Incorporated in September 2016, China Innovation Market Service Company Limited (“CIMS”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE), responsible for providing order routing and other trading services for Hong Kong Stock Connect under the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect. CIMS has facilitated the expansion of SZSE’s business in Hong Kong market.
  • CIMS needed a provider that had network service capability in Greater China and other regions to provide dedicated connection between Shenzhen and Hong Kong, so as to transmit data in the internal OA system and give timely feedback on the market data of SZSE, fulfilling cross-region and cross-platform network deployment of financial business.

  • As the leading ICT service provider in Hong Kong, HKT’s network covers the regions where main exchanges in the world are located. HKT shows outstanding performance in areas including backbone network, platform resources, professional staff and after-sales service, which are highly recognized by customers.
  • With extensive experience and successful cases in the financial industry, HKT provides various types of financial customers with quality network solutions and is able to deliver projects quickly, enabling customers to integrate the financial ecology seamlessly.

  • The point-to-point dedicated connection products provided by HKT feature flexible bandwidth requirements. They can also fulfill complete control over customers’ routing management, latency check and data sequence management.
  • The stable dedicated network access provided by HKT safeguards the effective operation of the internal OA system of CIMS, meets the business requirements of CIMS in serving the businesses in Shenzhen and Hong Kong swiftly and ensures the successful implementation of transactions.
  • Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance (China) Company Limited is a corporation established in Tianjin and fully funded by Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Company Limited, a core member of the MS&AD Insurance Group. This is the only foreign-funded property insurance in Tianjin.
  • The customer relies on MPLS VPN connectivity, as it is headquartered in Tianjin and runs a subsidiary in Hangzhou. The existing network was unable to cope with daily business needs, especially after a period of continued growth. In the meantime, its requirements on the after-sales service capacity of the IT network provider had been more extensive.

  • After approaching a number of providers, the customer singled out HKT as Hong Kong’s leading operator. The customer was pleased to discover HKT provides ICT services in Greater China and overseas and owns abundant network resources able to reach more than150 countries and regions worldwide. HKT also serves a number of high-profile insurance enterprises and holds a wealth of experience in the banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) industry.
  • Early in the project, HKT’s skilled consultant team provided an optimal proposal based on the customer’s existing network infrastructure. The team responded to customer needs swiftly and solved problems in a timely manner, all as part of HKT’s comprehensive customer service.

  • The customer’s overall network performance has improved significantly, thanks to the highly-successful project mounted by HKT. Major enhancements had made a noteworthy difference to efficiency in respect of business data transmission and the customer’s day-to-day office applications. Communications between the head office and subsidiary are now smoother, speedier and more secure.
  • The customer is now planning to expand further and establish more subsidiary sites. HKT will play a key role in these expansion plans, based on its superior network coverage and capacity to offer leading-edge solutions and services.
  • Boyee Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Boyee Technology”) is a professional provider of financial derivatives software and information service. Covering various investment products including futures, options, stocks and spot market,the company provides financial industry-chain services that integrate quotes, trading, information, strategy, interaction and quantification.
  • Incorporated in Hong Kong, Boyee Technology provides customers with quotes and services related to a variety of financial products. Given the rapid business development of the company, it required additional point-of-presence (POPs) in Hong Kong. Therefore, it was in an urgent need to seek a one-stop ICT service provider.

  • As a leading service provider, HKT has quality partnerships as well as abundant telecom resources in Hong Kong and Mainland China.
  • A dedicated team of technical professional with round-the clock customer service and plentiful project experiences in the financial sector are another value-added for Boyee Technology. HKT has been able to develop a solution quickly in response to customer’s needs, which was highly appreciated by Boyee Technology.

  • HKT provided Boyee Technology with local server room and connectivity and cross-border connectivity, and helped the customer solve the node connectivity problemAs a one-stop solution provider, HKT facilitated the customer’s operation, maintenance and management of telecom equipment.
  • Since deploying the integrated ICT solution, Boyee Technology has been enjoying more secure, faster and more stable business data transmission. With a low-latency high-quality network provided by HKT, it helps lay a foundation and provides assurance for Boyee Technology’s future business expansion.