Case Studies

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  • Established in 1978, Tongda Group has specialized in global smart mobile communications and consumer electronics products, and is one of the companies listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
  • In order to creative competitiveness, Tongda Group carries out digital transformation and expands businesses internationally, and it leads to a vast amount of business data transfer with global suppliers and customers. Regrettably the quality of self-built Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) is not optimal in catering to the network needs, network disconnection happened often.

  • Intelligence to the most-appropriate path across the SD-WAN network helps optimize the performance of each application such as video conference, ERP systems and Big Data etc. Thus, the user experience is greatly enhanced.
  • Having a team of professionals with extensive engineering experience, especially in the area of network management, this greatly reduces the time from deployment to project delivery.

  • HKT SD-WAN solution fully utilizes the network resources, which can optimize customer network quality while ensuring the network security.
  • HKT professionals are experienced in implementation services, we deliver the project on time and address customer’s pain points quickly. Our cost-effective solution has safeguarded Tongda’s business.


  • The garment group is a well-established Hong Kong company serves some of the top apparel brands in the world, and continuously expanding its presence in Greater China. It has offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai, and factories in Guangdong and Jiangxi province.
  • As a result of the company’s digital transformation, the Group needed more bandwidth to ensure smooth data transmission between their subsidiaries and factories with the same network budget.

  • HKT delivered a managed SD-WAN solution for the various online systems across the Group’s network. This leveraged internet and HKT’s IPVPN connectivity to the most-appropriate paths for customer’s different applications.
  • HKT professional experts with solid project implementation experience in both Hong Kong and mainland China, provide high-quality operational practice and quick response from testing to provisioning to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • HKT’s hybrid SD-WAN solution improved the group’s visibility, and centralized control of their distributed network for enhancing their user experience and reducing the burden on their IT department.
  • As a result of the SD-WAN application routing technology, customer can now prioritize video conference and ERP system traffic on the superior HKT IPVPN network and choose offsite data backup and other non-critical applications on the Internet. Overall it has reduced the customer’s network costs by nearly 30%.
  • Bosch HUAYU Steering Systems Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to Bosch HUAYU) was established in November 1994 in Shanghai and started official operation in September 1996. As a High and New Technology Enterprise that integrates development and manufacturing processes, Bosch HUAYU is thebiggest market share holder with the largest business scale in China’s passenger car steering systems market. It is professionally engaged in the development, manufacturing, assembly and selling of automotive steering systems and related key components.
  • With further business development, Bosch HUAYU set up manufacturing bases in Yantai, Wuhan and Nanjing to meet the market demands in northern, south-western, inland and eastern China. As a traditional manufacturer, Bosch HUAYU’s current network architecture can no longer meet its new network demand. While the cost for a private network is a bit high, it will be higher with the increased volume of applications, Bosch HUAYU is therefore seeking new solutions for a network upgrade.

  • Since Bosch HUAYU’s network architecture and bandwidth could no longer meet the needs of its growing operations, HKT thoroughly discussed MPLS VPN with Bosch HUAYU to devise an optimal solution, focusing on network application at the current stage and making future plans.
  • Throughout the entire negotiation progress, HKT quickly responded to any change in Bosch HUAYU’s needs, maintained close communication and found the most cost-effective solution for Bosch HUAYU, thereby gaining recognition and trust from the Customer in areas such as technical support and product strengths.
  • Leveraging its good reputation, professional consultant teams in mainland China and Hong Kong, as well as integrity in service provision, HKT provides services to many top 100 domestic and overseas companies and received positive feedback from the various Customers.

  • Following the adoption of HKT’s MPLS VPN solution, Bosch HUAYU’s new network architecture can now achieve higher efficiency in connectivity nationwide, delivering faster speeds with improved security and stability of data transmission.
  • Movingforward, in light of future expansions and growth in Bosch HUAYU’s business scale and system application volume, HKT will continute to offer highly cost-effective SDWAN solutions to assist Bosch HUAYU with the transition from conventional private network to MPLS VPN and SDWAN modes. Bosch HUAYU can expect a better network architecture that is capable of meeting its needs for years to come, along with room for further improvement on network performance.
  • Superb (hereinafter referred to as the “Customer”) is a home care brand under Cheerwin Group. Cheerwin Group, based in Guangzhou, is the holding company of Liby Group. The group owns a number of famous brands including Vewin, Superb, Babeking, Cyrinn, Rikiso and Dux, while its products cover many areas including insecticide, mosquito repellents, home cleaning, air refresher, smart home devices, pet care and car care. The company ranked No. 1 among domestic companies and No.2 among all companies in the home care industry in China from 2015 to 2019.
  • With the development of the company, the Customer has expanded to global markets quickly, it requires a stable and faster overseas network to support its business expansion overseas.

  • HKT as a leading network service provider with wide global coverage, able to provide customers with peer-to-peer international network lines which are free of congestion. Customers enjoy worldwide connection through HKT’s quality Internet resources.
  • HKT performs 24-hour proactive backstage monitoring and achieves network recovery promptly before customers perceive any problem, providing industry-leading experience of after-sales service.

  • After the adaptation of HKT’s Premium Internet service solution, the Customer enjoyed significantly faster and more stable access to internet and SaaS applications, which improved the communication efficiency between different branches.
  • With the continuous business expansion, HKT’s powerful international leased lines, Multi Cloud FAST Connect and extensive experience in network implementation projects can fulfill the Customer future usage and further optimize its network performance.