ManufacturingHKT Improves the Quality of Overseas Internet Connection for Superb

  • Superb (hereinafter referred to as the “Customer”) is a home care brand under Cheerwin Group. Cheerwin Group, based in Guangzhou, is the holding company of Liby Group. The group owns a number of famous brands including Vewin, Superb, Babeking, Cyrinn, Rikiso and Dux, while its products cover many areas including insecticide, mosquito repellents, home cleaning, air refresher, smart home devices, pet care and car care. The company ranked No. 1 among domestic companies and No.2 among all companies in the home care industry in China from 2015 to 2019.
  • With the development of the company, the Customer has expanded to global markets quickly, it requires a stable and faster overseas network to support its business expansion overseas.

  • HKT as a leading network service provider with wide global coverage, able to provide customers with peer-to-peer international network lines which are free of congestion. Customers enjoy worldwide connection through HKT’s quality Internet resources.
  • HKT performs 24-hour proactive backstage monitoring and achieves network recovery promptly before customers perceive any problem, providing industry-leading experience of after-sales service.

  • After the adaptation of HKT’s Premium Internet service solution, the Customer enjoyed significantly faster and more stable access to internet and SaaS applications, which improved the communication efficiency between different branches.
  • With the continuous business expansion, HKT’s powerful international leased lines, Multi Cloud FAST Connect and extensive experience in network implementation projects can fulfill the Customer future usage and further optimize its network performance.

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