Case Studies

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  • A global professional service firm has two MPLS networks in China
  • Looking for quality local loop vendor

  • Detail migration to cater different contract end dates
  • Special arrangement can be made on the local loop to handle bandwidth requirements

  • Sufficient bandwidth capacity
  • Professional support from HKT
  • Dezan Shira & Associates (“DSA”) is a pan-Asia, multi-disciplinary services firm that provides professional consultation on accounting, auditing, taxation, IT and human resource management to multinational corporations and foreign investors. DSA aims to assist and guide companies through the establishment, maintenance and expansion of their business operations in Asia.
  • DSA used to run its internal data applications through a common network and IPSec VPN. Following its recent deployment of a Microsoft large-scale ERP system, the shared internet access has become inadequate to support a sound system operation, and DSA finds itself in urgent need for data security.

  • HKT devised a comprehensive solution for DSA that covered an enterprise virtual private network and internet services, providing a high-quality, stable and speedy network connecting with other regions.
  • HKT set up private networks for DSA at several core offices in the Greater China region, allowing interconnection and interoperability at various sites. Each branch enjoyed completely exclusive bandwidth, while DSA’s key ERP system was protected with high levels of privacy and stability of data transmission via HKT’s Quality of Service (QoS) and Flow Control Technology (CoS).

  • Enabled by HKT’s one-stop solution, DSA has managed to improve the user experience of its internal data applications. For example, the average data transmission delay between its Beijing office and other branches has been shortened from 120ms to 40ms, with the packet loss ratio dropping from the previous 10% to close-to-zero.
  • DSA now uses HKT’s Premium Internet services for all its mainland-based offices to resolve the issue of connection failure when staff access information of other regions from their offices in the Greater China region. HKT’s services have been well received by DSA staff, as speed has more than doubled when loading websites of other regions and transmitting documents online.
  • AFRY (formerly ÅF and Pöyry) is an international Engineering, Design and Advisory group headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. With more than 17,000 experts worldwide, it focuses on providing sustainable Digitalization solutions within the fields of energy, infrastructure and industry. AFRY has been pursuing business expansion in major countries around the world; it has established wholly-owned subsidiaries in Shanghai and Chengdu in the Greater China region
  • As the AFRY’s R&D and Innovation Center based in Chengdu of the Greater China region, AFRY Chengdu’s solution experts have to make frequent use of video conferencing application such as Skype for Business to communicate with colleagues in Headquarter and perform remote access to Head quarter’s system on a daily basis
  • When company establishment, AFRY Chengdu was in urgent need of an optimized solution as its original network had led to occasional delay and buffering issues in web conferences, in addition to the disconnections occurred in the process of remote development due to packet loss

  • HKT and its partner’s expert team made full advantage of their strengths and capabilities in network management and coverage. They had, after reviewing the existing network of AFRY Chengdu, provided the company with Premium Internet – a product specialized in optimizing access to foreign websites, to eliminate cyber bottleneck in connecting other regions and tackle the buffering problem.
  • Catering to the needs of AFRY Chengdu in business development, HKT and its partner leveraged on their wide range of products and rich experience in practice to assist AFRY Chengdu in upgrading its Wi-Fi system in the workplace, providing comprehensive support on consulting, design, implementation and maintenance

  • HKT and its partner’s Premium Internet solution offered an enjoyment of commercial-grade bandwidth and optimized routes for Europe and other regions so as to achieve high-speed access. The solution was well acclaimed by the staffs as it significantly improved the communication efficiency by strengthen connectivity for video conferencing and data transmission, with near-zero packet loss
  • HKT and its partner’s ICT solution, which comprises connectivity and system integration, has solved the poor Wi-Fi connection and coverage issue for AFRY Chengdu, improving its overall user experience in using the network
  • Client is a multinational life insurance and financial services company. The business offers diversified products such as life and health insurance, retirement and asset management solutions with more than 20 million customers worldwide.
  • As a global leader in InsurTech segment, they have taken a proactive approach to set up its first fintech company and setup a new tech hub in Shenzhen. The tech hub will focus on business in data analysis and processing, software development, and technology cooperation projects. It is committed to building a technology ecosystem in Asia and enhancing the brand awareness of the group in the Great Bay Area (GBA) and China.
  • Client has the urgent need of a total solution to link their new tech hub in Shenzhen to their Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), Office 365 and Teams on Microsoft Azure in Singapore as well as Wi-Fi solution to ensure they could meet the ever-increasing demands of their expansion to GBA and China.

  • As a Hong Kong’s premier telecommunication service provider, HKT had built up a number of network Point of Presence (PoP) in Hong Kong, Macau and China that with strong network coverage.
  • HKT offers comprehensive one-stop ICT solution, including Premium Internet and Wi-Fi solution. HKT’s expert team made full advantage of their strengths and capabilities in network management and coverage in GBA.
  • The Premium Internet (PI) solution enables staff in Shenzhen tech hub optimizes VDI performance for access to Office 365 and Teams on Microsoft Azure in Singapore without any barrier.
  • Meanwhile, a professional team of experts from HKT also provides technical support 24X7 which is highly appreciated.

  • After adopting the integrated ICT solution, its overall network architecture has greatly optimized. It helps our customer reinforce its powerful InsurTech chain in GBA and China.
  • HKT’s ICT support enables their staff access and utilizes VDI, Office 365 and Teams with close to flawless quality, overall network experience has been greatly improved in terms of file transmission and video/audio quality.
  • The integrated solution also enhances Wi-Fi connection in Shenzhen tech hub with faster speed, greater user capacity, and more coverage.