Professional ServiceHKT optimized AFRY (Chengdu) network performance

  • AFRY (formerly ÅF and Pöyry) is an international Engineering, Design and Advisory group headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. With more than 17,000 experts worldwide, it focuses on providing sustainable Digitalization solutions within the fields of energy, infrastructure and industry. AFRY has been pursuing business expansion in major countries around the world; it has established wholly-owned subsidiaries in Shanghai and Chengdu in the Greater China region
  • As the AFRY’s R&D and Innovation Center based in Chengdu of the Greater China region, AFRY Chengdu’s solution experts have to make frequent use of video conferencing application such as Skype for Business to communicate with colleagues in Headquarter and perform remote access to Head quarter’s system on a daily basis
  • When company establishment, AFRY Chengdu was in urgent need of an optimized solution as its original network had led to occasional delay and buffering issues in web conferences, in addition to the disconnections occurred in the process of remote development due to packet loss

  • HKT and its partner’s expert team made full advantage of their strengths and capabilities in network management and coverage. They had, after reviewing the existing network of AFRY Chengdu, provided the company with Premium Internet – a product specialized in optimizing access to foreign websites, to eliminate cyber bottleneck in connecting other regions and tackle the buffering problem.
  • Catering to the needs of AFRY Chengdu in business development, HKT and its partner leveraged on their wide range of products and rich experience in practice to assist AFRY Chengdu in upgrading its Wi-Fi system in the workplace, providing comprehensive support on consulting, design, implementation and maintenance

  • HKT and its partner’s Premium Internet solution offered an enjoyment of commercial-grade bandwidth and optimized routes for Europe and other regions so as to achieve high-speed access. The solution was well acclaimed by the staffs as it significantly improved the communication efficiency by strengthen connectivity for video conferencing and data transmission, with near-zero packet loss
  • HKT and its partner’s ICT solution, which comprises connectivity and system integration, has solved the poor Wi-Fi connection and coverage issue for AFRY Chengdu, improving its overall user experience in using the network

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