PharmaceuticalZai Lab improves its network performance with HKT ICT solution

  • Zai Lab is a high-tech bio-pharmaceutical company headquartered in Shanghai, with a background of innovative medical R&D.
  • Through cooperation with the world’s top multinational companies and R&D institutions, Zai Lab s relatively established preclinical medicine for joint research, and builds product series through concurrent internal R&D and licensing. For Zai, global data transmission is vital to its daily business. The company is highly demanding of its network environment and Internet accessibility.

  • HKT provides ICT solutions to a number of the world’s top 500 companies and serves many famous pharamaceutical enteprises. The project team gained extensive experience of MPLS VPN solutions tailored to the needs of Zai Lab.
  • HKT’s experienced consultant team was able to take overall control of the project and solve problems arising during the implemenation. For example, by coordinating departments including the Resources Department and the Engineering Department, the team was able to complete the project ahead of schedule.

  • The MPLS VPN solution which HKT provided to Zai Lab has improved their Internet accessibility significantly. The experience of the staff in accessing other regions’ websites has also been enhanced, while data transmission has become faster, more stable and more secure.
  • In response to the “Belt and Road” policy, Zai Lab plans to expand its business worldwide.

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